Message from Our Pastor

Pastor Ted

March, 2021

I am so thankful that we are on the ending side of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Last March we were closed for one Sunday, though I was here for anyone who did not get the message that “All Churches Were Closed.”  Though it was only one Sunday for us, it did change everything.  We started with three services of ten each, and we did make mask-up rules and ” Social Distancing” rules so were able to improve on the available attendance.  At 25 percent capacity, we are able to support 76 people plus the preacher and music staff.  Churches have been exempted from government rules by the Supreme Court on 2nd Amendment grounds.  Though government does not have authority over churches, we are responsible to our people and continue to be a hygienic and safe place to gather within common sense rules.  We will require masks on entering and leaving, but not while “Socially Distant” seating.  We have been a considerate and safe place and will continue to be.  I do look forward to the coming days when we feel comfortable eating together and maybe even hugging.  I am sure that the time is coming, though not yet here.  I look forward to the sick wearing masks, when needed, and the healthy being safe without.  I look forward to Children’s Messages and giving the kids a welcoming Sunday treat.  These things will come again.  

Our choir is safely practicing again, and we can look forward to a beautiful Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday Communion, and bright, beautiful Easter morning,  April 4th.  We are welcoming the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity boys on Palm Sunday, March 28th.  

The darkness is passing away, and we are coming into the Light.  Please come and join us!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Ted