Message from Our Pastor

Pastor Ted

August 20, 2020

This has been a very difficult year for us all, our families, our jobs, our schools and our church.  We remain faithful and confident that God is watching over us and all that is going on around us.  Just being able to meet on Sunday mornings in person to sing, pray and worship together is a breath of fresh, clean air.  It is cleansing to show and be shown mercy and forgiveness.

Our world seems so filled with division, violence, disrespect, disease and hopelessness that we truly need a place, our church, where we can celebrate God’s Grace and blessings.  With many churches closed or “On-line only,” a person can begin to feel lonely and lost.  We are NOT LOST, as we have found Jesus.  It was never Jesus who was lost, but many have lost their way.  If you or someone you know has lost their way, help bring them back to church and to Jesus.

There is great comfort in worshiping together.  There is a healing available and a guide back for the lost.  We are practicing “masks” when necessary, “social distancing” and good hygiene to stay safe; and our hearts and souls need uplifting and guarding too.  I am sure that God will see us through this difficult time and will help us continue to rebuild His church and His people.

If you need encouragement, please come to church or call me at (813) 787-8172 and I can pray with you. 

Jesus is with us always, even until the “End of Time.”

Yours in the Love of Christ,

Pastor Ted


A Note from Temple Terrace Community Church Council

Our church hopes you have remained well and safe during these past few months in dealing with the COVID-19 virus.  Our church is open, and we are practicing safety recommendations and hope you will return when you are able.

As you know from your experiences of home ownership, our church has ongoing repair needs.  Our patio which is near the main sanctuary has needed repairs for some time now.  This has been advised to church members in the past.

We had hoped to start some fund-raising efforts by now, but due to the virus, activities that we planned had to be delayed.  Despite the delay in fund-raising, we are so blessed to say that we have started the project!  We are beginning the demolition of the concrete and look forward to sharing our progress with you.  Coming soon to the Church Narthex will be updated visuals and explanations of the stages of this project.

Though we have funding to start, we are still in need of donations to complete this project.  We know some of our members have been making contributions during these times for the project, but we would like to extend the opportunity to all members and friends of our church who may have been “Sheltering in Place” and are not as aware of this need.  If you are able, please open up your hearts…and pocketbooks…to this worthy cause.

Your pastor and church council have been working hard to carry on the the needs of our church, but we need your help.  Please contact your Council Member or Pastor Ted with any questions. 

May God continue to bless and to keep our church family safe.