Message from Our Pastor

Pastor Ted

November, 2020

We know that these have been difficult times for everyone, and we pray healing to the sick, and especially to those who have lost a loved one to the pandemic or related to COVID-19.  The work to find an effective therapy and an effective vaccine is ongoing but unprecedented in the predicted time-lines.  The whole world is working on these problems, and we pray both will be here sooner and not later. 

We are learning better how to handle with this social distancing and face coverings when you are among strangers.  We are asking for face coverings as you enter and leave Sunday Morning Worship, and we are social distancing by families.  Because we have plenty of room for social distancing, we are confident with prudent care we will all be safe and remain healthy.  We trust that God is teaching us something about infectious diseases that will help us now and with future infections, as this is probably not the last one we will encounter.  Please use the good sense God has given you.  Stay safe and know that we have not forgotten you and look forward to seeing you when you feel safe to return. 

Praying and singing together has been very therapeutic and uplifting in a rather discouraging world.  We know that God loves you and will be with us whenever two or more are gathered in His name.  I remain available as needed.  Please feel free to contact me at 813-787-8172, even if just to say, “Hello”!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Ted