Message from our Pastor

Pastor Ted

May 31, 2020

A Note from Pastor Fielland

We are very blessed as we have had “0” cases of the virus infection among our church members and families; however, we are following the CDC hygiene protocols. 

We will be offering a hygienic communion next Sunday, June 7.  It is the same communion system that I have been offering Immunocompromised patient members at Moffitt Cancer Center for over five years.  You do have to open your own sealed cup after I have blessed and consecrated them all.  We do take this communion together without sharing common cup or tray.  It is the safest that exists and still gives us the communion together that we all long for and need.   I am taking the communion cups to members who are still unable to get out of their homes confidently.  (I do not go in, and I deliver the cup in a sealed plastic bag).  If you would like a delivery, please let me know by calling me at (813) 787-8172 and leaving a message if I am unable to answer.

As we are a small congregation, with a very beautiful and ample sanctuary that seats 350 people, we are able to meet face-to-face and still meet the CDC guidelines for hygiene and social distancing.  Members may wear masks if they choose, and I have masks available for anyone who needs one, simply ask me.

In our current times we are very blessed to be a small church so that we can meet safely together.  Many of our larger church brothers and sisters are not able to meet the CDC safety guidelines, and it is unclear when they will be able to meet safely.  Many are using TV church or Internet based church, and we pray that it is working for them.  I am not confident that Internet church is workable as I remain skeptical that electronic fellowship and/or electronic friends are real or meaningful.  I do not see this as a workable solution for our church fellowship.  I pray it is working for those who are using it.  I think that for most who are used to going to church in person, it is clearly just a temporary measure.  When churches collect financial gifts electronically, the church only receives 90-95 percent of the money as the bank or processor charges a fee for their services.  This is why we do not accept credit cards as we feel the fees are not reasonable.

It is Pentecost, and we celebrate together the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We all need a boost in our spirits, and I look forward to this one.  May God continue to bless you and our loved ones.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Ted