Message from Our Pastor

Pastor Ted

July, 2021

We are in “Hurricane” season and have all been advised to be prepared with water, food, flashlights, etc.  I hope that we are also prepared for the spiritual Storms of Life.  You need to have rechargeable flashlights and storm radios.  Your spirit also needs to be rechargeable!  Your church is your Spiritual Recharging station.  When you are facing the uncertainties, fears, losses and failures of all that this world offers, remember Jesus’ Life Line is available to rescue you when you are drowning in worry and fear. 

Our commercial world always wants to comfort you with temporary and disposable items that wear out or fail, so that you will buy more to replace them.  God has given us in Jesus Christ a rechargeable power source.  Don’t let this dark disposable world overcome you.  You are precious in the Eyes of God, and He loves you!  You can depend upon Jesus to renew your spirit and your life.  Come to church to recharge your spirit.  Amp up your spirit with God’s Holy Spirit, and you will live a happier, brighter and more engaged life. 

Your church is here in person to revive you!  Hope to see you back soon.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Ted